Kaiuttimet / SPEAKERS

Gemme Tanto V1 lattiakaiuttimet

Gemme Tanto V1 lattiakaiuttimet. Samanlaiset kuin kuvassa mutta näissä on harmaa vaahteraviilu. Uusien hinta oli 5900,00 euroa. Nämä ovat NOS eli uudet avaamattomissa paketeissa. Bassopää ulottuu tosi alas, lukaise arvostelut. Nämä hintaan 1900,00 euroa.



Gemme Tanto V1 floorstand speakers. Same beautiful model like in the photo but these have grey maple veneer. NOS, New Old Stock, unopened boxes!!! Sensitivity: 91.5 dB (1W/1m,  Impedance: 4 ohms, Recommended power: 20 to 300 watts, Frequency response: 18 Hz to 30 kHz, Dimensions (WxHxD): 10” x 36” x 16”,  Weight: 80 lbs (36 kg). New price was 5900,00 euros. We sell these new for 1900,00 euros.

Feastrex kaiuttimet, F-60 koteloissa olevilla NF-5 elementeillä

Feastrex kaiuttimet, F-60 koteloissa olevilla NF-5 elementeillä.
Feastrex CV 4055 integroitu vahvistin. Parasta laajakaistasaundia hakeville. Uudenveroiset. Myydään vain yhdessä hintaan 7900 euroa.



Feastrex speakers and amplifier sold together, only!
F-60 Birch ply cabinets with NF-5 drivers, These drivers are hand made by Haruhiko Teramoto! Feastrex is Rolls Royce of wideband drivers. Expensive Furutech binding posts. Vivid, lifelike, beautiful sound with flesh over bones. New price was 6700 euros.
Feastrex CV4055 integrated amplifier. Special model with Teramoto hand made Urushi lacquered  capacitors and Urushi lacquered Finemet transformer!  A top mounted toggle allows a choice of 8Ω or 15Ω output impedance. New price was 7600 euros.
Both are in excellent condition, near like new! Price for these together is 7900,00 euros.

Acoustic Zen Adagio lattiakaiuttimet

Acoustic Zen Adagio lattiakaiuttimet. Väri Bird Eye Maple. Loistavat  transmissiolinjan kaiuttimet. Hinta uutena 4950,00 euroa. Nämä 2100,00  euroa.



Acoustic Zen Adagio floorstanding loudspeaker is a two-way  transmission-line system featuring a 1.5 inch circular ribbon tweeter  and dual 6.5 inch midrange/woofer ”underhung” voice coil,  ceramic-coated drivers. Color Bird Eye Maple. Was 4950,00 Euros new.  These in immaculate condition are a bargain for 2100,00 Euros.

Nola Boxer jalustakaiuttimet

Nola Boxer jalustakaiuttimet
Svh. 1500,00 euroa. Ruusupuu. Silkkidome diskantti suuntaimessa ja 6,5 tuumainen basso. Made in USA.” Bass is solid and tight and surprisingly extended in my room. Enough to convey orchestral-style weight, soundstage cues and immersion.” Kunnon sointi pikkurahalla! Uudenveroiset 600!


Nola Boxer standmount speakers. Made in N.Y. USA. Gorgeous high gloss rose wood finish. Google the reviews.” Bass is solid and tight and surprisingly extended in my room. Enough to convey orchestral-style weight, soundstage cues and immersion.” Can’t find better to this price.
Like new condition 600,00 euros.

Atohm Sirocco 2.0 lattiakaiuttimet

Atohm Sirocco 2.0 lattiakaiuttimet. Vaahterapuu. 2,5 tie kaiuttimet.  Alas toistavat ranskalaiset laatukaiuttimet. Hinta uutena 1.500€.  Nämä hyväkuntoiset pikkurahalla hintaan 600,00€.


Atohm Sirocco 2.0 floor stand speakers. Maple veneered. Balanced sound  with good bass! Mint Made n France speakers for 600,00 euros!

Soundfield Audio Monitor 1

Soundfield Audio Monitor 1, Made in USA. Mustat jalustakaiuttimet. Hienot. Koko (430mm x 255mm x 320mm). Tosi vahvasointiset 5.5″ passiivi diskantti/keskiääninen ja 8″ aktiivibasso Hypexin vahvistimella. Kyllä lähtee! Hinta uutena 1.800,00€. Nämä lähtee 800,00€


Soundfield Audio Monitor 1, Made in USA. Color black. Mint. A bookshelf sized speaker (430mm x255mm x 320mm) with full ranged sound, obtained by using a 5.5″ passive coaxial midwoofer/tweeter and an active 8″ long throw subwoofer, powered by it’s own 200 watt Hypex amplifier.

Omega Speakers Outlaw 1.5 jalustakaiuttimet

Omega Speakers Outlaw 1.5 jalustakaiuttimet. Superhieno wenge viilu. 1,5 tie. 98dB, 4 Ohm. Alempi elementti toistaa 500 Hz alaspäin br-kotelossa ja ylempi toistaa koko äänialueen. Nopea ja erittäin hyväsävyinen kaiutin. Paketit on. Hinta 1200 euroa.



Omega Speakers Outlaw 1.5 stand mount speakers. 1.5 way. Lower element works down from 500Hz and upper works is full range in dipole! Sensitivity 98 dB, 4 Ohms. Immaculate wenge veneer. Electrostatic speed, perfect integration of drivers, gorgeous  midrange. Price 1200 Euros.

Green Mountain Auodio EOS jalustakaiuttimet

Green Mountain Auodio EOS jalustakaiuttimet. Uudet avaamattomassa  paketissa. Syksyllä 2017 edesmenneen kulttimaineen saavuttaneen  kaiutinsuunnittelija Roy Johnsonin kaiuttimet. Syvyyssunnassa  säädettävä diskantti. Uusien hinta oli 5900,00 euroa, käytettyjä on myynnissä noin 3000€ hintaan. Nämä pakkauudet 2900,00€!


Green Mountain Audio EOS bookshelf speakers. These are art work of  legendary late speaker designer Roy Johnson. These are UNOPENED BRAND  NEW SPEAKERS. They sell used for about 3000. These have a price tag of  2900,00 euros!

”moulded Q-Stone cabinet of marble-loaded resin, a first-order and  hence linear-phase crossover [see box-out] with Zobel network  compensation of driver inductance, and a unique tweeter arrangement  whereby the entire tweeter module atop the cabinet can be slid back  and forth in a groove in order to time-align it accurately with the  170mm Aura Sound bass-mid driver.”

”I cannot emphasize enough the emotional quality these speakers  reproduce. All the attitude and inflection of singers were heard with  an obvious transparency. listening to multiple voices proved to be  very revealing, localization and distinctions from singer to singer  became more obvious. When I turned my attention to percussion  instruments like cymbals, the articulation of attack was easy to hear  and subtle differences between strikes were apparent.” -HiFi QC